Steel, Tanks and Strength

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Steel TanksWhen choosing materials for tanks and pipelines, steel is undeniably the strongest choice. Compared to fibreglass, steel is more elastic and has excellent ductility properties. This only means that when a fibreglass breaks, steel will only have dents. This is because the material has long-term strength, which is not time-dependent.

Mechanical Properties of Steel

Steel has superior mechanical properties, outperforming tanks made of fibreglass reinforced plastic in all levels. The material’s higher ductility, allows it to bend rather than break or change without cracking, an expert from Rhino Water Tanks explains. Steel, for the most part, can stretch about 15 times more than fibreglass. It is also much safer and can withstand severe conditions like extreme temperature changes.

Steel, furthermore, has the flexural strength that can resist imposed loads. It can also endure high-stress without rupturing or cracking, making it an ideal choice for underground use. You can, however, use steel as rainwater tanks or for storing other types of liquids such as fuel and chemical. Steel water tanks are usually made of galvanised steel, a coating that protects the material from corrosion.

The Deal with Stainless Steel

Some industries that require higher purity like pharmaceutical and laboratory applications use stainless steel. This is because it is a long-lasting material, which is also a good choice for maintaining a high-quality water. Some manufacturers can also custom-made colour bond tanks to suit various applications.

A major concern, however, is its price. Many purchase plastic tanks as an alternative, because of its good performance and lower cost. Plastic, of course, has its setbacks — it has less ability to withstand differential pressure and contracts more with temperature change. This is why it is still better to invest in steel/stainless tanks for better quality.

With all the properties of steel, these are no reason to choose other material. It is best, however, to contact or purchase steel tanks from reliable manufacturers. This is because cheaper steel is more likely to corrode easily over the higher-grade material.

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