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Stay Fit and Healthy When Travelling in 6 Easy Ways

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slim female measuring her wasteTravelling is always a good idea, but if you are one of those people whose fitness and healthy eating routine goes haywire while on a holiday, you need to have more self-control and discipline. While it is not advisable to deprive yourself completely, if you throw your whole regimen out the window, you will only regret it later on. Here are some tips you can follow:

Pack your own snacks

If you spend so much time in transit — waiting in airports or on long-haul flights — it is all the more important to have your own food to nibble on. Most of the available food in terminals and planes are unhealthy and not to mention way more expensive.

Drink lots of water

Yale University nutritionist Lisa T. Kimmel, MS, RD, CSSD suggests that as much as possible, you have to stay hydrated, especially during air travel. It is easy to forget drinking water when travelling, but keeping yourself hydrated actually helps curb your cravings. If you are not sure about the quality of the water, better order bottled mineral water all the time.

Stick to your usual eating pattern

Stick to your regular eating schedule, as this helps avoid impulsive and overeating. While travelling, you would be tempted to try all the recommended restaurants, but if you follow your normal schedule, you will be able to control yourself easily.

Include restaurants in your itinerary

When you plan your itinerary, look up places where you can squeeze in your regular meals. Doing research would most especially be useful if you are following a specific diet. For instance, if your diet requires gluten restriction, you can refer to a local blog on gluten-free living for restaurant recommendations and reviews.

Be physically active

If your hotel or flat does not have a gym, you can check local gyms and fitness classes in your area. If you are not comfortable with the idea of obsessing about going to the gym while on holiday, you can explore the neighbourhood by foot.

Get sleep whenever you can

Being sleep-deprived might ruin your entire holiday. You do not want to be feeling tired, exhausted, and wasting so much time dozing off in your hotel room most of the day. Therefore, sleep whenever you can while in transit.

It is a challenge to stay fit and healthy when travelling. You may altogether break off from your usual healthy habits, but you know that when it is all over, you are just going to suffer the consequences.

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