Stage Theatre 101: Proper Etiquette

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Stage Theatre in BrisbaneThere is a huge difference between going to the theatre to watch the latest movie and going to the theatre to watch a live show. Differences in etiquette and conduct need to be observed, reminds an expert from Brisbane Powerhouse.

Stage theatre etiquette everyone needs to know:

  1. Turn off your cellphone.

Your Single Ladies ringtone suddenly blasting from your phone at a very dramatic scene in Les Miserables is not only an embarrassment but is also a big distraction for everyone in the theatre. Be mindful and do not forget to turn off your phones, tablets, and other gadgets before the show start.

  1. Do not eat during the show.

Eat before watching. Bring chips and popcorn are also a big no-no. The sound and smell of you eating can distract the actors and your fellow audience.

  1. Do not talk or sing along.

You might have watched Wicked a couple of times and know the song by heart, but do not attempt to sing along. People are there to watch and listen to the actors and not you.

  1. Do not take photos.

Taking photos is not allowed in theatres. Do not attempt to try unless you want to be ushered out of the theatre.

  1. Be on time.

Being on time shows respect for the actors on stage and your fellow audience. After all, no one likes seeing silhouettes in the middle of a show.

  1. Do clap when appropriate.

Laughing, clapping and responding to scenes are encouraged as long as you do it properly. A standing ovation at the end of the show, if you feel like the production deserves one, is acceptable as it is seen as a sign of appreciation.

Planning to watch theatre shows in Brisbane tonight? Be sure to keep these simple etiquettes in mind to fully experience the wonders of theatre production.

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