Some Things Stay the Same with Modular Homes

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HomeThe three things traditional real estate buyers consider when scoping property is location, location, location. If you are considering modular homes for sale as an alternative to a regular build, location is still an important factor. Just because your home-to-be is prefabricated does not mean all other considerations go out the window. Some things stay the same.

Below, Manor.net.au shares three facts you need to know before choosing your modular home.


Prefab modular homes have become popular in Australia because they present less of a headache than a traditional build. But, prefab does not mean mobile. Once you have the house installed, it is permanent, so be sure you are happy with your projected site. If you want to maximise the benefits of your modular home, you need to check how near it is to the supermarket, work, schools and so on. In addition, you should also check the shape and lay of the land. Flat and square is the best, but you can still work with a slope and irregular shape if you plan it well and choose the right modular home. If you already have a lot, consult with the modular home supplier for advice on what you need.


You might think that a modular home is ready-built, and all you have to do is hook it up to your utilities. This is not true. The construction of modular home components is done off site as opposed to laying them brick by brick, but they still need to be assembled on site. For that, you need a good contractor and the required permits by the local council. Be sure to check for both before you buy a modular home, just to know what to expect.


The trend today is for smaller rather than bigger for a dream home. Many people have discovered that big houses will not necessarily make you happy, because it just gives you more space to fill with stuff. People who have opted for a smaller modular home have had to simplify their lives, and this has given them more satisfaction than they expected. When choosing your modular home, think about how much space you actually need to be comfortable.

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