Small but Still Great: Arranging Office Furniture in a Small Room

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Arranging Office FurnitureAs a work-at-home professional, you know that it can be a headache to arrange office furniture. You sometimes have no idea where to place the furniture and how to effectively utilize every inch of space in your small home office. knows that proper furniture placement can make the office more conducive. It’s important to keep your home office organized as a well-arranged office can lead to higher productivity.

Here are some tips on arranging office furniture that works for you and your room:

Measure Your Office

Determine the size of your office before placing any furniture. Use a tape measure to figure out the dimensions of your room. Knowing the size of your office will help you determine where each piece of furniture should go.

All in the Positioning

You first need to start with your work desk. It is ideal to position your work desk near electrical outlets. If you are planning to use natural light, try positioning your desk next to a window.

Once you have your work desk set up, you need to place commonly used objects adjacent to your work desk. A printer, for instance, should be placed next to your desk especially if you will be performing several printing jobs. Frequently used books and other materials may also be placed near your desk for easy reach.

The goal of positioning is to make things more accessible. Knowing where each object is located can save you time.

Make Use of Vertical Space

Vertical space allows you to maximize the amount of space in a room. One good way to maximize space is to use vertical file cabinets. The location of these cabinets would depend on how frequently you use them.

Space is everything in a small office. Proper furniture arrangement and utilization of vertical space can make any small room feel like a big office.

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