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Shelves that Suit Your Business Needs

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Folders on shelvesModern businesses have documents, equipment, tools, gadgets and computers that need to be secure in your office. If you have a retail business, you also need to store products, samples, supplies and other materials for future use.

Many factors influence your choice of office shelving system. The major ones include the size of your office, how often you require to retrieve stored items, and what is the purpose of your storage, whether it is for storage or archive shelving. Listed below are the major shelving types that you should consider.

Case Type Shelves

This shelving type is easy to expand or reconfigure which makes it ideal for upscale businesses, libraries, and general filing needs. Available in plenty of colours accompanied by custom wood and end panel options, this shelving solution satisfies all your interior design requirements. Additionally, this shelving system comes with double walls and is easy to install as it does not require specialised equipment.

High-Density Shelving

This type gives the best floor utilisation while at the same time maintaining accessibility. It achieves this through compaction of the shelves, which in turn reduces the access aisles hence ensuring that you store your items in half the space you could have stored without them.

Cantilever Office Storage

This is the most flexible design because it can accommodate almost all types of storage requirements. It has features such as periodical shelves, shelf dividers, and reference shelves among others. The adjustability makes it possible to store a lot of documents and files. This makes cantilever shelving the preferred option for businesses, academic institutions, and public libraries.

A proper storage plan not only makes it easy to retrieve and return items in their rightful place but also helps in preserving the items in good order and condition. Additionally, these items are safe as these shelving methods can restrict access to unauthorised persons. When you need to choose a shelving system, go for the shelf type that suits your business.

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