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Self-Care: Improving Your Personal Hygiene (And Why it’s So Important)

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Taking care of your health and maintaining appropriate personal hygiene had always been a must, and a priority for everyone. However, with the crisis happening in the world, watching over your personal hygiene and being extra careful and vigilant about the state of your health. Some people don’t bother going to the hospital for regular checkups and some wouldn’t pay a visit to the hospital until it’s too late.

There are diseases found in patients that are diagnosed too late, even simple allergies that go unnoticed even as people grow older, so it’s important to always get yourself checked, even undergoing allergy testing services for adults to make sure. It’s also unfortunate that sometimes, people’s health is overlooked because of the demands of responsibilities from work, school, or any other chores. People should always put their health as a top priority and need to value self-care more.

Here are some ways to take matters into your own hands and prevent other possible diseases by observing proper hygiene:

Wash Your Hands Regularly and Properly

This rule has always been a staple, even before the pandemic broke out, but now it’s importance is highlighted more than ever. It’s also important to not only do it religiously, but also properly – meaning you need to wet your hands, apply soap and scrub your palms, the spaces between your fingers, your knuckles, and even your wrists. The step-by-step procedure usually takes 20 seconds, before you start rinsing your hands, and then using toilet paper or a towel to dry your hands and turn the faucet off.\

Brush Your Teeth At Least Twice a Day

According to studies about oral health, the number of bacteria doubles every 20 minutes, so it’s important to brush your teeth regularly, one when you wake up, and most importantly when you go to bed. Oral bacteria take only a couple of minutes to reach into millions when you don’t brush your teeth. It’s also important to visit your dentist and have a clean-up every few weeks, or monthly.

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Keep Your Nails Clean

Nail hygiene is one of the things that are also often taken for granted but is just as important to look after. Trimming your nails regularly prevent unwanted bacteria from sneaking into your fingernails, and also prevents any other unwanted bacteria that could touch your fingertips, and eventually your hands. You can also choose to brush them to keep it clean with a nail brush or use a cloth to clean the dirt or any other possible germs building up in your nails.

Get Plenty (or at least, enough) Sleep

Due to responsibilities and duties from work, while also trying to maintain and balance a social life, it gets difficult to get a certain amount of sleep – the amount where you could completely feel your body’s well-rested. Somehow, with all the deadlines and tasks people have to meet, any amount of sleep just doesn’t seem enough. According to data, an average adult needs at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep in order for the cells in the body to recharge and be well-rested. If you can’t afford to have that amount of sleep, taking a few power naps in between could help you and prevent your body from being overworked.

Money and work may come and go, but you only have one shot at living a healthy life and not regret things later. Remember, it’s important to work and provide for your basic needs, but it’s also just as important to take a breath, rest, and put your own health first. Go big or go home is a little overrated – going moderate, and taking frequent breaks reduces any serious health risk that would prohibit you from ‘going’ at all.

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