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Seating Arrangement Options for High-End Events

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Business operations were confined to office spaces in the past. This trend has however largely changed now, and more and more essential operations are held outside offices. The relaxed atmosphere this option gives allows for better interaction with clients and offers bountiful space for hosting crowds, which dwindling office spaces cannot accommodate.

Multiple elements will determine the success of your event, but you want to guarantee that your guests get the central message of your event. Picking a corporate event space in New York with optimal acoustics is one of the essential tasks you should focus on.

This will guarantee there are no echoes and other sound effects which will distort your message’s clarity. After getting a space built with the best acoustics, getting a seating layout which complements your event’s atmosphere is your next step.

The following are guidelines on the types of seating layouts that will suffice for high-end events.

Theatre style

This option is the simplest and reflects the seating found in cinemas and theaters. Chairs are aligned in uninterrupted straight rows in a slanting manner such that all people have an unobstructed view of a stage.

Theatre seating is ideal for events, which feature large crowds since it maximizes a room’s seating capacity. Your guests might, however, feel closed in, and there will be minimal interaction between them.

Moreover, you might need to get a second space for food and beverage serving since you do not expect your guests to hold their food. Theatre seating works for meetings with shareholders, and product launches.

Banquet Style

This looks like a round table style with your audience seated around a circumference facing inward. Banquet seating allows optimal interaction between your guests.

It also maximizes your use of an event’s space since you can serve food and drinks in the same room. This style is perfect for product launches, award nights, fundraisers, and gala dinners.

Cabaret Style

This resembles the banquet-style seating but has an open end, unlike the latter which is a full circle. The open end faces the stage. It allows the free movement of people in and out of an arc with minimal disturbance to other guests.

The floor space in your events will however not be maximized, and hence your seating capacity is reduced. Cabaret seating will be perfect for product launches, training sessions, award nights and gala dinners.

Cocktail Style

Cocktail glasses

This, unlike other seating options, for high-end events features no chairs. It can, however, have a few cocktail tables scattered throughout a room for the serving of cocktails and converging of people for conversation.

Cocktail style arrangements will maximize your available floor space and allow your guests to move freely and mingle. They will, however, not permit the serving of plated food and work best for short events like cocktail parties, anniversaries and product launches.

Stacking chairs at the corner of a room and expecting guests to pick one for their seating will not make it in high-end events. You need to carefully plan and arrange your room with any of the seating styles above. The arrangement you choose determines the interactions between your guests and the concentration they accord your message.

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