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SAT tutoring in London: open access

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One of the great benefits to the digital revolution is that it makes the world a much smaller place. Friends in Dublin and Dubai can video chat as if they were in the same room. It’s no longer necessary for someone to be in the same place as the service they want to access, even if that service is something as personal and individual as SAT tutoring.

The SAT (or ACT) has to be passed by any student with aspirations to attend university in the United States. SAT tutoring in London from training providers such as A-List Education UK is well-established, but what about other parts of the UK? Can a student dreaming of Harvard who lives in a remote corner of mid-Wales or the far north of Scotland get the help they need to succeed?

The answer of course is yes, thanks to modern technology. Without ever having to meet their tutor in person, a student can still receive personal and, tailored SAT tutoring in London. They can talk with their tutor via video conferencing when they need to have a one-to-one meeting, while their study guides and materials can be accessed online. Practice tests can also be taken online for the ACT.

It’s not only helpful for young people living in far-flung places. Online tutoring also gives students at boarding school an easy way to access tuition. Even those who are near enough to their tutor to meet in person during term time, can use these online resources during long holidays or family vacations.

These students may also choose to have sessions with their tutor through online chats during busy times, or as the test approaches. If they are active with after school activities and need to prepare for other exams, it may be the only way they can fit in the SAT tutoring they need.

SAT tutoring is open to all: it’s a universal service that’s not only for Londoners. Students in Belfast, Birmingham and Bideford can receive the same quality teaching as those receiving SAT tutoring in London in order to achieve their dream of attending a US university.

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