Metal Coating

Sandblasting and Metal Coating: A Solution for Durably Clean Surfaces

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Metal Coating in ChristchurchThe metal coating industry utilises technologically advanced metal cleaning applications, such as abrasive blast cleaning, to enhance metal durability, and to provide you with the best finishing systems available for all types of metal. With highly skilled workmanship, these companies are capable of treating car parts and all structural steelwork according to clients’ requirements. Additionally, mobile units make it easier for these companies to carry out painting and blasting services at their clients’ sites.

Metal coating

The preparation of metals for long-term preservation is a tough job as it involves different processes that demand professional assistance. Metal specialists provide a wide range of advanced metal treatment systems, and metal treatment products and services for both commercial and individual clients.

Arc spray galvanising, which uses melted alloys or zinc to create a perfect coating, and paint coating and metal spraying, where specialists use sprayers to coat the metal with less corrosive metallic materials to enhance metal durability, are some of the services that metal coating specialists offer. Other metal coating services include prime top coat painting, which is best for coating ready surfaces using special primers and inorganic zinc; and powder coating, which is more scratch and corrosion resistant than paint.


Sandblasting makes use of a system that regulates the amount of air your metal is exposed to, through a number of techniques to enhance the longevity of durably clean metal surfaces. Essentially, sandblasting removes any signs of metal corrosion and rust. Generally, sandblasting comes in two variations — garnet and abrasive blasting.

Garnet blasting uses dry stripping to remove worn-out coatings to make metal surfaces clean while abrasive blasting draws celebrated applications in cleaning machinery parts, car parts, and all equipment that need dis/assembly.

Leading blasting and coating companies work in competent and well-trained teams to not only assess your requirements and offer you the best advice but also keep an eye on the ongoing work to assure you of a perfect job that matches your requirements. Consult a HSWA regulated company in New Zealand for all your coating and abrasive blast cleaning needs.

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