Safety Devices for the On-the-Go Travelers

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With the recent increase in airline disasters for the year, there is some minor anxiety in embarking on new adventures. But life is short, and you must seize the opportunities to travel while there is time. The key is in finding the right balance between promoting safety and taking calculated risks that enrich one’s existence.

Do You Need Hard Hats?

Not all tourist destinations admittedly require personal safety equipment. Civil engineering and construction project tours that have a side junket may have this, for sure. When you do encounter a fascinating tourist spot that requires a hard hat or a scrub suit, then that makes for an exciting travel story. These things may not easily be in your luggage, but just make sure you know where to find them in the area of your choice if in case the need does arise.

Establish and Make the Most of Your GPS Navigation

Some smartwatches like the Garmin Venu now advocate the use of safety features in their watches. You can have the watch automatically send your GPS location to your emergency contact if you are in a compromising situation just by pressing a button and holding it for a few seconds. This can also automatically detect incidents while biking or running or jogging.

List and Coordinate Regularly with Emergency Contacts

If you don’t have a smartwatch, this is also not a problem. You can just have emergency contacts on a regular smartphone and then keep them in the loop. If you are exploring new destinations, just make sure to touch base or agree to text or message a friend or family member at a set time daily until you get back from your vacation.

Get Yourself Some Travel Insurance

Some people scrimp on travel insurance, but this is incredibly important. In case something happens to your luggage at the airport, the replacement is much easier than when you don’t have insurance. It will also allow you to enjoy your vacation more if you don’t have to worry about such things.

Ensure a Safety Deposit Box in Your Lodging Arrangement


Naturally, you will leave some valuables in some parts of your trip. A good and solid safety deposit box in your Airbnb or hotel will give additional peace of mind for you and your travel buddies. Make sure you have a hack-proof and trustworthy one in tow.

Stash Secret Wads of Cash

In cases of bad elements trying to ruin your vacation, your wallet is one of the first to go in the face of unfortunate thievery. Make sure you have some secret pocket of cash like inside your bra or some other hard to access place. Just have enough for you to get home or back to your hotel from your tour.

Flashlights and Alarms

It may sound like an absolute bummer or buzzkill to have flashlights and alarms in your trip, but it may save your life. For women, whistles may help ward off unpleasant folks that try to hit on them in unlikely places. The flashlight can also work in cases of poor visibility on the road during your exploration, especially when approaching sunset or the end of the day.


While you go wiser with these personal safety tips for savvy and happy travels, don’t forget to enjoy your trip and make the most out of it.

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