Root Canal Procedure in Boise

Root Canal Procedure: How It is Done

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Root Canal Procedure in BoiseA root canal is a dental procedure performed to save a tooth that is badly damaged or decayed on the inside — the dental pulp or the complex system of nerves and blood vessels inside the tooth. However, there are instances wherein bacteria can get inside and infect the dental pulp. This comes with severe pain and even swelling that is visible one side of the face.

Why does the Dental Pulp need to be removed?

The usual culprit is dental decay. Poor dental hygiene could allow for bacteria to develop in places that usual cleaning cannot anymore reach. If this further develops, it could lead to tooth decay.

The dental pulp is not vital to the function and overall health of the tooth, making root canal procedures safe and effective in preserving the previously-damaged tooth.


The entire procedure usually lasts for one or more visits to the dentist. First, an x-ray is will be taken to see the shape of the root canal, and to assess other damage around the infected area. The use of anesthesia is a decision that will be made by the patient and the dentist. Usually, patients do not need anesthesia because the nerve endings are already dead, but many still opt for it to keep them at ease.

A hole will be drilled to clean out the decayed dental pulp. This is meticulously cleaned out and washed using water and hypochlorite. After this, the interior will be filled with a sealing paste and rubber compound. Some dentists advise that the filling will be done after a week, and a medication would first be taken to fight off infection. The last step usually involves restoration of the tooth using the crown or other fillings.

Does it hurt?

Not really. Of course, people have a varying threshold for pain, so the level of pain is really different for each person. But what you should know is that Root Canal Therapy is not more painful than other dental procedures such as fillings. The patients’ discomfort usually just stems from the fear of the dental technique, and not the procedure itself.

A root canal is a very effective procedure that not only cleans out the damaged part of the tooth; it also preserves the function and appearance of the tooth. If you decided to avail of an affordable root canal in Boise, do not hesitate to talk to your dentist about how this procedure will benefit you.

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