Wooden staircase with glass rail

Repainting Wooden Stairs: What You Need to Know

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Wooden staircase with glass railYou might be a little bored with your staircase’s current colour, which is why you are thinking of repainting it a different shade this time. Repainting jobs can be messy, and they are never easy, which is why you have to be careful and follow some tips to get the job done successfully.

Ackworth House gives us helpful and easy tips for repainting your wooden steps in NZ.

1. Clean your stairs

Dust and dirt can easily accumulate on your stairs. This can make your paint job look scruffy and unpolished, so make sure to clean your staircase before applying paint to it.

Clean the handle, railings, and steps with a clean and damp towel. Have a dry, clean towel ready to wipe the moisture off your stairs.

2. Get the right tools

Buy the right type of tools and paint for the job. If your staircase is small and detailed, you might want to buy a smaller paint brush.

The paint that you will use matters too, as not all types of paint can be recommended for wood. Use white semi-gloss paint with primer for the risers and spindles, and use a porch or floor paint for the treads and rails.

3. Prepare a damp paper towel

It is difficult to remove dry paint on most surfaces, so make sure to have a moist paper towel on hand. This will help you clean up mistakes during the paint job as removing it while it is still wet is easier.

4. Use paint that contains primer

Paint primers can help with the longevity of your paint. It helps the paint stick to the material more and can help avoid early wear and tear. Paints that already contain primer are more practical as you will be saving a few bucks on buying a product that has both paint and primer in it.

Painting your stairs can be a lot of work, so make sure to call a professional in if you are not sure that you can do a stellar job on your own. Good luck!

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