Rebranding a Hotel? You Better Come Prepared The Biggest

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HotelRebranding a hotel is a challenge more and more business owners have to face. This is due largely to competition and a constantly changing definition of temporary accommodations. Establishments now have to be more specific in their target demographic.

When undergoing a branding overhaul, here are some challenges you should expect.


This involves letting go of a previous brand in exchange for the new. The devil is in the details on this one. Everything has to be ready to take on the new look of the rebranded hotel.

It is a case-to-case matter if an announcement about the rebranding is necessary. These announcements can welcome existing clients into a new era. It will do a sort of easing in. On the other hand, no announcements can prepare everyone for a radical change and brings along an element of surprise

So Many Details

Websites should be updated, old logos will have to be replaced. Stationery, documents and other objects need to realign to the new brand. Estate agents from Resort Brokers Australia knows that accommodation businesses can vary greatly in size and, thus, the amount of branding work required can also double or triple between properties.

Many of the moving parts in a hotel are often branded. Ensuring that each one uses the new branding principles is a very tough job. Free soap bottles, receipts, staff uniforms, and even the computer wallpapers – all of these have to follow brand assets. A rebranding effort must come off as polished and well executed.

New Systems

Many rebrand their hotels due to the shift in the challenges the industry faces today. With emerging markets, online reviews and social media taking the centre stage, marketing a hotel has been tougher. The whole operation will have to realign towards new goals, target a new demographic and let go of old traditions.

Processes will require a revamped. This presents a challenge even for seasoned staff who have to learn new systems and adapt unfamiliar practices.

A Thrilling Wait

Every rebranding effort wants success, but there is never really a guarantee. Waiting for the response of the public can be the most gruelling part of the process. With a great strategy, success only comes with continuous efforts to cultivate the new identity for the hotel.

Rebranding a hotel or any accommodation business is very challenging. But by building an increasingly unique brand in such a crowded market can serve your business right and reveal new market opportunities.

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