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Readying Your Body for White Water Rafting

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water raftingApart from being a recreational activity, white water rafting is very much a physically demanding sport. It’s fun and thrilling, as what every veteran rafter or enthusiast will tell you. They will mention that it is necessary to prepare your body if you included white water rafting in your vacation itinerary.

In this context, going with the flow is not as easy as it is outside the water. Rushing water is unpredictable, unforgiving and dangerous, and it might take a toll on your body. Wherever you plan to go white water rafting in Colorado or somewhere else, you need to prepare thoroughly.

1. Flexibility

If you’re interested in rafting, you must have viewed videos of it on the Web. What you probably saw is rafters making many sudden movements in every direction. Do some shoulder exercises, improve your posture and get familiar with stretching routines. Moreover, drink water constantly to avoid cramping while the boat is on full flow.

2. Strength

You need adequate strength for sticking your paddle to wild waters. If not, you might end up losing it. A little weight lifting will help you increase strength and grip. In turn, you’ll be able to do rafting maneuvers with ease.

3. Cardio

Many first-timers end up intimidated at the intensity of white water rafting. This forces them to run out of breath after reaching the finish line, even physically exhausted. Biking, running and jump roping will improve your capacity to last in the rapid waters.

4. Legs

You would not want to get out of the boat and your knees shaking vigorously. Adding legwork to your workout routine will be enough exercise to last a few minutes in wild waters.

5. Push Yourself

You’ll be sore after rafting. After all, your body is thrown abruptly and constantly in complete disorder. Giving it all in your exercises will train your body to deal with all the rigors of physical activity. This way, you’ll still feel fresh ever after a tier II rafting.

To enjoy white water rafting repeatedly, prepare yourself for constant battering. Even if you’re new to the sport or just doing it for fun, you’ll move up levels quickly. In rafting, the more challenging the task is, the more fun you’ll have.

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