Food Packaging

Principles of Packaging and Labeling Your Food or Drink Products

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Food PackagingThere is a cutthroat competition in the food and beverage industry. If you are a newbie trying to work its way to the major grocery aisles, you have to make sure that your products stand out. Assuming that you have developed your product to its highest quality packaging and labeling comes next. Like in every commodity, first impressions mean a lot.

1. Functionality and Convenience

How many times have you experienced seeing something and saying, “Oh wow, this is beautiful, but how do I open it?” When it comes to the packaging of food and drinks, adding an element of surprise is not always a good idea. You don’t want people accidentally soaking themselves because they poured your beverage incorrectly. Always think about the ease and convenience of your packaging.

2. Clarity and Precision

Peter Vukovic, an advertising designer and creative director, says that upon seeing your product, your consumers should be able to answer two questions: what the product is for and what the brand is. For instance, if you are selling beverages, don’t use bottles that are usually for cooking oils. When it comes to labels, avoid adding too many elements that will make people second guess what your product is. Most of the time, simplicity is key.

3. Uniqueness and Creativity

Simplicity does not mean lack of creativity. How will your products jump out from a shelf of similar items? Be witty and clever with the copy and design without misleading the consumers. Even your choice of colors, font, and images can make a huge difference.

4. Elegance

Don’t be cheap when it comes to the overall presentation of your products. If you are selling gourmet food, don’t use flimsy boxes. Also, use prime labels, especially when your design is detailed. You want your texts to be clear and you don’t want your brand colors to be messed up.

In a sea of brands in grocery stores and supermarkets, how do you make your products worthy of a second look? Do follow these packaging and labeling rules so that your target consumers will actually pick up your products – hopefully, for all the right reasons.

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