Preserve Your Fuel: Long-Term Storage Guidelines

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Fuel Plastic ContainerSafety remains a priority when storing fuel in your farm or residence; you have to know how to handle, store, and manage your fuel properly. At the same time, you have to know how to maintain your storage tanks to ensure the safe storage of your fuel.

In spite of the importance of safety, however, you also have to keep in mind the long-term storage of fuel.

The Limited Life of Fuel

You can store fuel for months on end, which can be immensely beneficial in areas with restricted access to fuel pumps. Unfortunately, although stored fuel can be handy, whatever fuel you have will also be degrading as time passes.

Given that fuel has been refined no matter if it is gas or diesel, fuel can only last for so long until it can no longer power vehicles and equipment enough.

The Preservative Practices

Now, you can purchase self-bunded fuel tanks from a storage tank manufacturer such as Durotank to ensure the safety of your fuel. However, you also have to learn how to store fuel for the long-term. Gas and fuel need different preservative practices to be stored long-term.

You can learn about how to store each of them below.

Prevent Water and Algae Formation

You can store diesel for up to a year. With fuel stabilisers, diesel can last up to five years. Water and algae can degrade diesel, however. You can prevent both water and algae from forming inside your diesel tank by keeping the tank full to reduce space for condensation.

You can then use biocides, fungicides, or algaecide the prevent algae growth.

Add Stabilisers

As for gasoline, it can break down much faster than diesel. The higher the octane rating, the faster it can deteriorate. You can simply use gasoline stabilisers to prolong the life of new gas for a few years.

With the preservative practices above, you can ensure the long life of either your diesel or gas fuel. You will be able to enjoy enough power for your home, vehicles, or equipment even with year-old fuel.

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