Playtime in School: The Importance of Allowing Kids to Have Fun

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Learning is important in the development of children. Likewise, playtime is as important as learning. This may sound off-putting, but allowing children to have as much playtime as possible gives them a breather so that they won’t feel exhausted with learning.

Learning and playtime come hand-in-hand in helping children build a foundation in good personality, character, and intelligence. For this reason, more educational facilities should install school playground equipment in Melbourne to facilitate proper learning and fun for children. Here are some reasons why playtime is important in children:


  1. Playtime is a venue for learning. On the school’s playground, children learn the value of agility, strength, and endurance when they try to conquer the hardest playground obstacles. If playtime in school involves some learning materials like kinds of animals or colours, it also means that they’re learning as they play.
  2. Some kids learn at an early age what they want to become when they become adults. For example, children who like playing with dolls and act like they’re taking care of their dolls might become interested to become a doctor or nurse one day. On the other hand, children who like playing with equipment like trucks or connecting different toy parts may become scientists or engineers one day.
  3. Playtime is a venue for kids to socialize. Some kids will be hard on them, while others will take their sides. At an early age, they will learn how to deal with different personalities. It’s up to them if they will be strong or not so much.
  4. As mentioned, playtime is a way to learn. Kids are exposed to natural elements, animals, structures, and many other things when they’re out on the playground. This allows them to be familiar with the things going on around them.
  5. As young minds, kids are susceptible to depression when they don’t have enough play. Of course, parents and teachers want kids to learn and study, but they also need some fun. That’s why playtime is important.
  6. Playtime helps reduce anxiety in kids. It helps them focus on their studies because they had a good time playing. It helps in developing their social skills at an early age.
  7. There must be a balance between learning and playtime because both are important. Imagine yourself working on weekdays. Imagine still working on weekends and no time for recreation. That thought makes you grumpy in a way, doesn’t it? The same goes for kids. They also need recreation, which is playtime, so their moods will elevate and they are eager for learning time.
  8. Lastly, there are many kinds of play you can engage children in where they won’t only enjoy but also pick something valuable in life. For example, waiting for their turn on the playground teaches them patience. Playing with other kids teach them teamwork.


It’s of utmost importance that there’s a balance between learning and playtime. As a parent or teacher, you must know this and practice allowing both for the kids. This will help in their development as a person, as a team member, as someone with good character and so on. With that, teach your kids the balance between the two so they know not to neglect any.


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