What Most People Forget When Moving

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MovingMoving houses is a stressful event for everybody. It’s a hectic series of planning, packing, loading, and finally to the grand day of moving in. No matter how organised some homeowners are, there are items many households admit to forgetting to pack, the moving company reveals.


These little items are most often the last to go into the boxes, since homeowners use them until their very last day before the move. Check the bathroom and the medicine cabinet before closing the door – nobody wants to go toothbrush-less the next days.


A move will be more stressful with gadgets and other emergency devices that are all out of juice. Not only are these important for the long hours on the road, but they will also come in handy in case someone needs to contact somebody. Make sure to tuck chargers in easy to access places before heading out.

Dry Cleaning

Families on the move frequently forget items from cleaners and repair shops. Drop by the shop before driving to the airport or hitting the road, or else it’s time to say goodbye to that fabulous suit or memorable summer dress.

Borrowed Items

Ask friends and acquaintances for any items they borrowed a few days before the set departure date. Check your inventory just the same because you might be taking something that isn’t yours. While they give back what they borrowed, don’t forget to return what they lent you as well.

Records and Documents

These items are of utter urgency. There have been cases of families tucking in their travel documents in the biggest of boxes, resulting to panic and trouble a few hours before their flight. Keep school, health, financial, medical and legal documents safe by carrying them with you.

Hidden valuables

Some like keeping their most treasured possessions hidden in secret compartments or drawers. Do not forget to retrieve them before the big move to avoid running the risk of losing these valuables. Check every hidden nook and cranny for items you might have forgotten to have hidden there.

In the midst of the packing and moving mania, it’s safest to keep a checklist of all the things you can’t afford to leave behind. Labelling boxes and suitcases will also make the process more organised and the unpacking less of a hassle.

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