Patio Contractors and Questions to Ask Them

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a patio in a gardenEnjoying the sun while chatting with your friends over some cold juice and sandwiches can never be more enjoyable than on a patio. After all, nothing beats the company of good friends and nature. Thus, it is high time that you put into action that long overdue patio makeover.

Whether you are thinking about a patio extension for your Brisbane home or a drastic change in your outdoor nook, you can tap a patio contractor such as Just Patios for the job. Thus, it is important to find the right one to help you get the job done.

These are the questions to ask your patio builder.

How long have you been licensed to work?

Only work with licensed contractors. Cross check with licensing bodies about the validity of your contractor’s license. Aside from knowing that it does exist, knowing how long they have it can give you an idea of how long they have been in the business.

Who will supervise the work?

Agencies, especially big ones, send out different people to supervise the work. If you have a certain contractor in mind, do not be afraid to request him to head your home project. If not, ask who will supervise your patio work and do a background check on the person to give you an idea about his skills and experience.

When will you finish the job?

You should discuss and agree on the work schedule beforehand, as well as the projected time of completion of the project. If you have a target deadline in mind, make sure to let your contractor know.

What are your warranty terms?

A good contractor should be confident with their work and will offer warranties and guarantees. As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to know the terms and policies that will allow you to claim the services if need be.

What are your payment terms?

Different agencies have different payment terms. Before signing the contract, make sure you are aware of these terms, and you clarify that there are no hidden fees and the like.

What are you waiting for? Contact your patio contractor, start the renovation now and be able to enjoy the rest of the summer comfortably and in style.

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