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Past the Written Word: Rich Media for Marketing

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When you’re running a website, you should know that words aren’t enough to establish a great portal that would draw massive traffic. While blog posts could certainly leverage a good rank on search engines, not everyone from your audience has the attention span to read everything you post. This is where rich media come in, as these provide a visual treat for a highly visual audience.

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Here are some of the rich media you could use to drive traffic to your site.


YouTube, Vine, and Instagram are proof enough for you to know how powerful video can be. It’s fairly easy to use in digital marketing too, as you can simply buy Apple Motion templates and start from there. With effective editing and an interesting script, you could catch the attention of Internet users.


A song by Bread says a picture paints a thousand words. That’s true, but photographs can also complement a paragraph of text and make it look less boring. It’s a great attention diverter for the visual audience. It’s also a great substitute for a website background instead of a bland, plain layout.


Infographics summarize what you would write in a 500-word blog post in one colorful image. Its interesting take on presenting facts has made it a highly effective vehicle in disseminating information, to the point that even today’s news outfits use them.

Rich media lets you explore a lot more possibilities that text alone cannot achieve – and that makes it a staple component of every marketing campaign.

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