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Party Now, Pay Later: The Reality Behind Ecstasy Use

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Party in Salt Lake City Methylenedioxy-methamphetamine (MDMA), or more commonly known as ecstasy, is among the first designer drugs because of its association to the dance culture during the late 80s to the early 90s. People who like to party take ecstasy to feel intensely happy, energized, and keep them awake so they can party for several hours. Effects normally take around 30 minutes to kick in and can last from three to six hours.

The Dangers of Ecstasy Use

Like other stimulants, ecstasy increases the blood pressure and heart rate and can bring chills, nausea, sweats, cramps, blurred vision, tremors, and dizziness. Those who take ecstasy have higher risks of being dehydrated, which can be an overtly huge deal. As it impedes the body’s capacity to self-regulate its temperature, however, you’ll be more susceptible to overheating, which in turn could be fatal if note addressed promptly. It’s likewise important to note that some people use cocaine, caffeine, amphetamines, dextromethorphan, and PCP as a substitute or incorporate them with ecstasy, so its effects could potentially be more dangerous.

Ecstasy could likely be severely hazardous in high dosages, or if you take several dosages in a short span of time just to try and maintain your high. High ecstasy levels in your bloodstream could make you more prone to seizures and impact your heart’s capacity to sustain its proper rhythm. An expert drug rehabilitation program counselor in Salt Lake City also adds that ecstasy can make people more confused, anxious, or depressed after taking ecstasy. According to studies, these adverse psychological effects could last for several days to months.

Long-Term Hazards of Abusing Ecstasy

Studies have shown that ecstasy can directly impact serotonin, a brain chemical, and the way your brain cells interact with each other. It could severely affect your brain function and increase your risk of developing irreversible learning and memory difficulties in the future. Additionally, overdosing ecstasy can result in hyperthermia, since it wreaks havoc on your body’s capability for regulating temperature, which could in turn cause heart, kidney, and liver failure.

Abusing any kind of drug is dangerous. It’s not yet too late to get help. Find rehabilitation centers to create the path to recovery.

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