Pallet Racking System: 5 Types to Choose From

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A warehouse storageOne of the best ways to maximize your space is to go up. This, along with the use of pallets for the easy transportation of goods, is the best combination any warehouse could have.

This is why various types of racking systems were invented and are currently used by different business to make their warehouses more conducive. There is no cookie cutter way to know which type of pallet racking system works for you. Thus, it is important to know the different kinds to be able to choose the one that works best for your storage system.

1. Selective

selective pallet racking system is what you mostly see in stores. Goods are placed on a shelf that is easily accessible from the aisle. Selective racking has beams that act as support for the pallets.

2. Drive in / Drive through

This type of racking system allows high-density storage. Due to this, the structure is often made of durable metal and has a space to allow forklifts to access the bay.

3. Pallet flow rack

If you are looking to employ the first in, first out (FIFO) system on your goods, then this type of storage is the best for you. Flow racks have a rotating lever that allows products to line up and get accessed to depending on when it was stored in the system. It can be considered one of the most efficient racking system but is also one of the costliest.

4. Pushback

This system can be seen as the opposite of the pallet flow back in terms of usage. Push back system works best with the last in, first out (LIFO) because bulk boxes that were first pushed in will be stored in the back and will be accessed last. This method is suitable for non-perishable goods that have low turnover.

5. Cantilever

Long products like timber, pipes, and rods are stored via the cantilever system. Cantilever racks do not have front columns making it easier for you to access your goods and at the same time increasing your storage space.

Take your pick from these pallet storage systems and see how it can make your warehouse all the more functional.

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