Shipping Containers in Perth

Outstanding Business and Residential Options Using Shipping Containers

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Shipping Containers in PerthWith the many ways of recycling and being environmentally aware, shipping containers are present in the Perth real estate market. Admittedly, the thought of having these placed in your backyard may not be that inviting for many individuals.

However, because of the metal container’s sturdiness and strength, they make weatherproof and ingenious structures. Here’s how practical and functional these shipping containers are.

Extension Rooms

In Perth, where granny flats are put up as a home extension in the backyard, these shipping containers can make comfortable houses with the Mad-Max-meets-Transformers kind of exterior. With additional space-saving techniques, such as wall storage and hidden cabinets, you can make this small but practical extension room a great place to live in.

Go all out in decorating it, even following the same interior design motif of your main house. You don’t have to deal with messy construction, as builders from Grandesigns WA explain that they complete the house off-site then transport it to your property.

Office Space

Even before these gigantic metal containers became residences, people used them as office spaces in the construction industry. These heavy structures can withstand accidental impact from falling debris or heavy construction machinery.

Shipping containers are also reusable and transportable, so there’s less mess when transferring to a new construction site or real estate project. These days, it can function as an office for any kind of business and industry. Investing in a transportable, reusable and heavy-duty office is practical.

Container Homes

This is different from extension rooms or flats located within someone’s property. Container homes are stand-alone house structures that have beds, a kitchenette, a dining area and even a porch, in some cases.

Though they may resemble trailer homes, these houses are semi-permanent structures placed together in one housing project, with their own yards. Some homes even have multiple rooms and floors. Manufacturers make these by packing huge crates on top of the other.

Modern engineering, architecture and interior design has made all these possible. These container houses may even be cheaper than the standard constructed home.  With all these things considered, shipping containers seem to be worth more than they look.

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