breaking in a car

Outsmarting Burglars: 3 Smart Ways to Prevent Car Break-ins

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breaking in a car

It’s every car owner’s nightmare: Discovering that their vehicle’s windows have been broken and their valuables stolen. Unfortunately, it’s an all too common reality. In many states, like Arizona, smash-and-grab is one of the typical modus operandi of burglars — it’s quick, easy, and at many times, less noticeable. If there’s any consolation, car break-ins like these can easily be prevented. Outsmart burglars by following these smart tactics:

1. Keep your valuables out of sight.

A plain and simple fact about burglars many people overlook is they’re on the lookout for “shiny things.” These being purses, wallets, backpacks, jewelry, shopping bags, etc. These are stuff they like or they can sell. When they spot these, they have to have them. If they don’t see these in your car, you have greater chances of being skipped on.
Prevention of break-in, therefore, starts before you leave your vehicle. If possible, take all your valuables with you. If not, hide them well. Don’t leave them lying out there at the car seats or on the floor. This applies to your parking ticket change, sunglasses, or even earphones. You’ll never know which shiny things appeal to burglars. Collect them and keep them in your trunk or the glove compartment. Consider window tinting Scottsdale car specialists offer as well to obscure views of prying eyes.

2. Park your car in a well-lit, crowded area.

Another thing you should know about burglars is they are opportunists. They strike only when they know that the situation is far less risky and that they won’t be seen and confronted. What you need to do then is place your car in areas where it’s dangerous for them to act on their impulses.

There are well-lit parking spots where crowds of people are coming and going and places where there are CCTV cameras and other facial recognition tech devices. Park your car in these areas to lessen the chance of break-ins. Avoid those that are near big trees or huge vehicles, as these may be ideal hiding places for burglars. Before you leave your car, scan the area once again. Are there any suspicious people lingering around? Trust your gut. Move your vehicle if your instincts tell you. Don’t leave it until you’re confident that it’s safe.

3. Make breaking in difficult.

trying to break in a car
Burglars are a lazy bunch. They won’t sweat it for a car that won’t budge. Plus, they don’t have the luxury of time to linger longer at a vehicle. Your goal is to have that car that would make breaking in difficult for burglars. Its standard protocol to lock doors. But all too often, people forget this important thing.

Check, double-check, triple-check. Close the windows, too. Activate its security or alarm system, if there’s any. Place a steering wheel lock. Even though smash-and-grab burglars only take the valuables inside the vehicle, in the event that they decide to take off with your car, steering wheel locks will prevent that from happening.

It’s unfortunate that many fall victim to car break-ins, a preventable crime. You don’t have to be part of those unfortunate victims. Take charge. Deter burglars from ransacking your vehicle with these tactics.

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