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One Roof, Twice the Rent: Duplexes, a Lucrative Investment

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property optionWith Australia’s growing aging population, changing family living arrangements, and house prices on the rise, more people are choosing duplexes or dual living residences. This makes such properties a sure eye candy among property investors — many are now buying these lucrative property investments.

For most, the properties offer the best of both worlds — a place to live plus an investment that produces high returns. Duplexes can also mean twice the rent with just one property.

Property Investment Trend

As more mini central business districts become more popular, investors are looking for other types of properties in various locations to add to their list of investments. In the 1980s, the trend was to find property with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a big exterior space located somewhere strategic near the city. Today, however, property developers from Vision One Projects are observing a shift; investors are searching for compact but functional apartments near key establishments such as shopping areas, public transportation hubs and health care facilities.

The standards as to what makes a good investment remain, though. Property investors prioritise quality—aesthetic appeal and functionality—of the house to make sure that the property will produce great returns.

The Modern Duplex

‘Duplex’ houses have long been associated with unappealing designs located in unattractive urban areas. Fortunately, the trends have flipped and times have changed. Duplexes are now attractive on the real estate market because of their impressive styles and innovations. Property developers are dressing duplexes with contemporary designs, elegant interiors, bold roofing styles, and modern fixtures and fittings. Some also have open floor plans, which provide more space for family gatherings.

High Investment Returns

With the innovative design found in duplexes across the country, such properties have become more saleable than ever. The properties generate positive cash flow from the outset. Experts say that because of the affordability, there is now a growing demand for the properties. This ensures investors that rental units are filled almost all the time.

Consider investing in duplex properties. Just think about how a single property can produce double rental yield; work with a property developer now and build your lucrative investment.

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