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Office Receptionists: The Directors of First Impressions

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Client perception of a business depends on many different factors. One of these is the first impression that is made the moment they step into the company’s office. No matter the location of a business, there is nothing more off-putting than arriving and finding the reception desk void of presence.

This is why alongside the quality of a business’ product or service, client interaction can make or breaks an organisation’s image. The staff in the reception desks in London offices, for instance, can then be considered as among the most important individuals in companies.

They dabble in different fields, one of which is client interaction. They are the first people that clients, customers, and business partners get to meet upon arriving in the office. Additionally, they answer general phone and email queries, and depending on the industry, can provide resolution. Many see them as the first representatives, or the human faces, of the company.

Since in recent years, many studies have established the power of first impressions, it is important to note that businesses should be critical, and at the same time efficient, when looking for receptionists. Knowing this, a few distinct qualities should be remembered when interviewing prospective receptionists.

First Impression

Though the public has been thought that judging a book by its cover is wrong, in most cases, people still do it. One of those cases is when an individual walks into a company’s office and is met by the receptionist.

The initial judgment that clients, customers, or business partners may have about your business is completely dependent on the first person they get to interact with. This is why when hiring a receptionist, their appearance, manners, and general knowledge about the organisation should be taken note of.


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Receptionists do not only handle client interaction in person and through calls. While they are not experts, they should also have the capability to provide solutions for issues that often manifest at the most inconvenient times.

They should be quick thinkers who are able to tackle complexities while guaranteeing that visitors feel comfortable in their presence. They should be able to manage difficult phone calls, and depending on the company, keep track of people’s schedules.

Organisational Skills

One of the primary functions of the company receptionist is to keep things organised so that the staff members who have specialised tasks can really focus on what they do. Time management skills play a critical role here since receptionists are expected to handle many tasks.

Depending on the case, they should have the knowledge of where things are kept, be it documents, reports, or numbers and emails. Exceptional receptionists should consistently deliver messages and be able to connect with the many individuals who are important to the business.

To make a lasting good impression on clients, customers, and business partners, your company should have a receptionist who can go above and beyond to deliver an excellent interaction. This, while maintaining order and providing help to the other employees of the company.

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