Office Horrors: You Could Be Touching These Things Daily

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Cleaning Services in Utah Have you ever wondered how clean everything in your office is? You may be a neat freak with your own desk but not everyone can be as precise when it comes to cleaning. Whenever you turn up for work, you always find everything already cleaned up. The mess on the floor is no longer where you left it, especially when you have a cleaning crew that does this daily. This does not mean everything is free from dirt, bacteria or other disease-causing elements.

Unless you are paying for high quality commercial cleaning service in Utah, you might want to stay out of these things in your office. Here are some things that may be harboring lots of germs in your workplace.

Microwave Handles

The pantry is one place everyone in the office goes to daily. While you may choose to eat outside, there are still times that you will end up using the place to eat such as snack breaks. When there is only one microwave oven, it is easy to forget that everyone ends up touching the same handle to open it. The next time you try to reheat your food, remember to wash your hands before eating. You are in direct contact with all the bacteria and viruses carried by everyone’s hands.


The hands are a carrier of disease-causing germs. This is the easiest way to transmit illnesses from one person to another. What you might be forgetting to do is to sanitize your workplace before and after using it. If you end up letting other people use your keyboard, you might be opening yourself up to germs. Eating at your desk can also lead to crumbs falling on your keyboard. Not only will they attract ants, the crevices in between keys can be a space for crumbs to rot and be a home for bacteria.

Throwing trash in the bin is not enough. Sanitizing your work desk is still important.


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