Not For Long-Term Lease: Options of Earning from Your Extra Room

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ApartmentWhy do you want a two-bedroom home if you are living solo? Besides the obvious answer of “a guest room”, there are many other lucrative ways to make use of an extra room. There are the usual options of turning it into a library or a game room, but none of these can create extra income.

Some people look for 2-bedroom apartments for sale in Brisbane to turn into an investment. If you are inclined of using your extra room for a short-term lease, here are some moneymaking options without worrying about compromising your privacy.

The Backpacker’s Hotel

Why not offer your room to transient travellers and backpackers? With this kind of arrangement, you allow yourself leeway in keeping your privacy and the use of the room for a visiting relative in between boarders. Many online sites are available for backpacking travellers who are willing to take these kinds of arrangements; most of these sites will do the security and background check for you. Not only are you helping travellers save on accommodations, but you are also earning a bit of profit on the side.

Your Hobby Room

Many hobbies these days get extra attention for bringing in money. Painting, drawing, sketching, designing, antique restoration and model kit creation are among the most lucrative hobbies by collectors. One antique item duly restored to its closest original state can garner thousands of dollars in an online store. You can even participate in private and public exhibits to display your works. That extra room is definitely worth its keep, considering the amount of money a few days of work you can make on one item alone.

Business and Part-Time Jobs

If you have a certain skill or idea that can earn you extra bucks, why not invest a bit in equipment and set it up in your extra room? Turn your extra room into a small studio for music and video editing, or move in some of your items at work and use the space as a home office.

Do not stop yourself from wanting that 2-bedroom apartment just because you are living sol. With a bit of smart planning, that extra space can be more than just an empty bedroom.

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