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Nature Shows You the Way to Your Heart

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Fruit and VegetablesDespite technology’s advances, in many instances, what is from nature is best. This is never more apparent than when you talk about heart health. As junk food eating has caught on, millions of Aussies are inching themselves closer to the clutches of coronary heart disease, Australia’s #1 killer disease. Eating nature’s best, fruit and vegetables, would have reversed this trend.

A diet of fresh fruits and veggies could give benefits that put any global fast food chain to shame.

You are What You Eat

Though munching a super-sized burger may be what many Aussies have in mind as a delicious meal, it’s a habit that, if unattended, could lead to the grave.

In 2013 alone, the Australian Government’s data show CHD (coronary heart disease) is the number one cause of death in the Land Down Under with 11,016 males and 8,750 females succumbing to the disease in that year alone.

What many do not realise is that every time they drop a visit to any fast food outlet they’re risking their hearts.

A study done by the University of Minnesota School of Public Health researchers in Singapore found out that eating fast food once a week increases the chances of death by CHD by as much as 20 percent. Moreover, eating fast foods more than once a week doubles the chances even more.

Promoting Heart Health

For businesses, getting fresh fruits and veggies out to your market is doing your customer’s hearts a great favour. Having access to dependable fruit and veg suppliers is advantageous. That way, you get produce food as fresh as your customers want them, at affordable prices. Fruit and veg suppliers such as say fresh produce promote heart health as they are high in nutrients, unlike fast foods.

As delicious as fast foods may appeal to you, consuming them regularly comes at too high a price – one you sure don’t want to pay. For anyone who wants to own a healthy heart, eating more fruits and veggies should be the obvious choice.

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