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Myths about Oral Health You Got to Stop Believing Now

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Oral HealthDentists and oral health in general has long since been associated with fears, stress, and anxiety. Many people from all over the world, and not just in the United Kingdom, have developed unwarranted phobias about going to the dentists, so it no longer comes as a surprise that numerous myths surround them up to date.

However, like anything that has do with your health, believing false information can cause serious repercussions. So it is time you stop believing these rumours, Surrey dentists dannythdentist.co.uk says, and get your oral health straightened out.

Oral hygiene is just that – for oral health.

No, oral hygiene is linked to your overall physical, mental, and emotional health.  According to numerous studies and experts, maintaining optimal oral health is necessary for other aspects of a person’s overall health. WebMD has cited diabetes, osteoporosis, and other illnesses being connected to one’s dental health.

Brushing every couple of hours is great for oral health.

Many people are so obsessed about their teeth, gums, and tongue that they believe brushing as many times as they can in a day is a must. However, as How Stuff Works reveals, this can do a lot more harm than benefit. Irritation of the gums and wearing away of the tooth enamel can take place because of too much brushing.

Tooth extraction is as painful as can be.

Historically, patients who had a tooth extracted experienced pain and discomfort, but this is no longer the case today. With dental care service, products, and technology receiving continuous improvements and innovations, there are now plenty of methods implemented by oral health care providers that minimise, even get rid of the pain associated with this procedure.

There are many other beliefs about dentistry and dental procedures, with almost all of them being false. So do not allow these misconceptions to block your way to having great oral health.

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