Moving Out: Pack Your Truck Safely and Efficiently

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Workers Putting Furniture And Boxes In TruckThe stress of moving from one residence to another can weigh heavily on you. One of the most common logistical problems is moving your belongings from one area to the next — damaged possessions are a common occurrence, and you are also likely to forget or misplace items during the move.

When you rent a truck to move your personal effects, you will have to learn how to pack your things safely and efficiently.

Pack Your Boxes by Room and Item Type

Pack all of your boxes by room and by item type. Start with the living room first, working your way through the house — items in the bedroom are often the last to be packed as you will likely need some of those belongings during the move.

Make sure that you pack like items together – clothes should go with other clothes, plates with other plates, etc. It is important that you label your boxes completely. You should specify which room they belong to and what items are in them. This makes it easier to figure out what box goes where once you arrive in your new home.

Use Your Furniture to Pack Items

To save space in your rental truck, use any furniture that you plan to keep as storage. For example, drawers and cabinets can be packed full of clothes, shoes and other items. Just make sure that you wrap your furniture and properly cushion them to prevent dings and scratches during the move.

Like the boxes, label them with their respective rooms and item type.

Take Extra Care Packing Fragile Items

It is better to place fragile items in your cab or car rather than in the rental truck to avoid damage. Glasses, plates and even electronics such as televisions and computers must be packed carefully, and with proper padding.

Fragile items take a lot of time to pack, so be sure to start early. Line your boxes with paper at the bottom, sides and top. Plates and glasses must be wrapped individually, using bubble wrap, paper and a lot of tape. Heavier items should be at the bottom of the box, while the lighter ones should be on top. Be sure to never stack any items on top of boxes with fragile items.

Pack Your Boxes Strategically

When it is time to pack your boxes and furniture in the moving truck, be sure to do it strategically. Start by placing the heaviest items first — furniture, large boxes and the like should always be at the bottom, while lighter items are stacked on top.

Be sure to invest in lashings and straps to prevent everything from moving around. Once the truck starts moving, the contents are likely to move unless they are secured.

Many people say that moving is one of life’s most stressful events. By packing safely and efficiently, you can minimise the stress of moving and ensure that all of your items arrive at their destination in one piece. 


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