Motorhome Maintenance: Keeping Your Trailer in Good Condition

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motorhomeJust like cars, trailers or recreational vehicles (RV) also need maintenance to stay in good condition. It is advisable to follow the manufacturer’s manual to stay on top of repair and maintenance work ensuring the vehicle retains its value. Consulting a certified RV technician can also help keep your vehicle safe for your next trip.

The simple tips below can serve as a basic guide in maintaining your vehicle:

Check for Damage

Look for signs of dampness such as mould, strange musty smells, or watermarks. Give the vehicle a good airing by opening all doors, and windows. Don’t forget to check for leaks in windows, doors, and seals. You can soak the van with water using a garden hose and ask someone to help you spot the leaks.

Inspect Tyre Pressure

Check the tyre pressure and look for signs of bulging, low tread depth, and cracking. Make sure to inspect the tyre sidewalls for hairline cracks and signs of UV degradation. The tyre pressure needs to be increased to what is recommended in the vehicle’s manual. When it comes to replacing your tyres, trailer accessory shops like suggest choosing heavy-duty wheels.

Battery Maintenance

If you aren’t going to be using the vehicle for a while, charge the battery every six weeks. Leaving the batteries discharged for prolonged periods and then charging them the night before the trip can damage the batteries. It is also best to replace them after their cycle is complete.

Caring for Exteriors

The exterior of the vehicle also needs maintenance. Wash the roof rubber regularly using a mild detergent and soft broom. This will remove dirt and debris and prolong the service life of the vehicle. Polishing the exterior is also advisable to help seal the fibreglass and give it a longer-lasting sheen. Make sure to use quality products and avoid harsh detergents, as they can damage your vehicle.

It is worth considering a motorhome habitation service to inspect the vehicle for gas and electrical problems. This will give you a peace of mind when you’re away for a camping vacation or weekend trip.

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