Missing Home? See How Food Helps You

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Fried Chicken, Fries, and Onion RingsYour culture contributes to your personality. Wherever you go, you will always find people who act or speak like you, and it won’t be a surprise to know that they are from the same culture. When you travel to Singapore, for instance, it would be nice to experience the local cuisine, but some days you might crave for food that reminds you of home.

Here’s what you can do to satisfy that craving and banish your homesickness:

Look for an American Diner

This is the most straightforward answer to your cravings. Wherever you are, American food is bound to be there too. American food’s popularity has made it available wherever you are and has various incarnations. For example, you can look for a good American diner in Singapore and choose the biggest, juiciest burger with a side of fries.

Cook Your Favourite Comfort Food

Sometimes the craving just cannot be solved by a restaurant meal. Sometimes you have to do the cooking yourself to feel the comfort that home cooked meals bring. Invite your friends from different cultures. Make an activity out of it by asking everyone to participate. You’ll share your favourite meals growing up and learn about traditional dishes from other cultures.

Bring Food from Home

Especially for those who will be staying in a foreign country for a long time, packing up some goods from home is a great idea. There are nights when you want that dish your grandma used to make, but to cook it without the right ingredients might be impossible. Bring some ingredients from your country and make some at home when you feel a bit down.

Food bridges gaps, but when you’re travelling, it can be hard to find authentic dishes if you don’t know where to look. Try to do these suggestions to make your stay away from home as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

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