Marine Audio Buying Guide: What You Need to Know

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Marine Audio in RockportMarine audio systems though were not subjected to intense military marine training are designed to withstand extreme external condition. And yes, as the name suggest, it can withstand water too. A marine audio system can survive the harshest of climates while still being able to give you good quality sound. But like other things, not all marine audio systems are created equal.

Here are some tips from Coastal Innovations when buying a marine speaker.

  1. Check the Power

Blast it up. Use as much power as you can. Know the maximum consumption of the audio system to test its durability. Once brought to the open waters or to use outdoors, your marine stereo would surely require more power because of outdoor factors that could affect the quality of the sound.

  1. Element Resistance

Marine audios are built to be water resistant. It means it can handle splashes of water. Finding a waterproof one, wherein you can totally submerge the unit is better. A good marine audio is UV resistant and is designed to withstand the heat of the sun. It is also designed to resist rust and corrosion often caused by salt water from the open seas.

  1. Features

Even though it is meant for use in open seas and bodies of water, marine audios are also able to cope with fast changing technology. Choose ones that are Bluetooth able, and ditch the CD player. Find ones that can play MP3 files with USB port. Enjoy the new feature of technology even in the middle of the sea.

  1. Say No to “Marinized”

Marinized in big bold letters? Drop it and move on. Those are mostly just automotive systems with spray coated board that are not really built to last in the marine environment for a long time.

Remember these things and you would be able to find a good marine audio deal in Rockport in no time.

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