Margaret Court: The Legendary Tennis Player

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Tennis PlayerBefore the dominance of the Williams’ sisters, the emergence of Maria Sharapova and the prowess of Navratilova, there was Margaret Court. She dominated women’s tennis and set numerous records during her heyday.

At the Top of Her Game

Margaret Court bested her opponents with her long reach combined with a height and strength advantage. She leveraged her strengths to win a record-setting 62 grand slam titles, which comprise of 24 singles, 19 women’s doubles, and 19 mixed doubles championships. The total reaches 64 when you include the times she won the Australian Championships and Open in 1965 and 1969. She is also one of a handful of players to win a calendar slam with wins in the Australian, US and French Open, Wimbledon. With wins in singles, doubles and mixed categories, she is atop the tennis pantheon regardless of gender.

Australia’s Best Tennis Players

Margaret Court did for Australian women’s tennis what Rod Laver did for men’s tennis, even before the open era began. She won more than 20 grand slam titles, including pre-open era championships. She overpowered her opponents the same way the Williams’ sisters did against theirs. The Ticket Merchant shares that Court’s powerful serves and returns were unrivalled during her best years.

As one of the players who have the most titles under her name, some of her records may remain unbroken. The closest woman that may match her title count is Serena Williams, but the latter is at an age when most tennis players slip. Williams, however, is still at the top of her game despite her age. It appears that very few could beat her when she is playing well.

When you purchase Australian Open tennis tickets, you aren’t just watching a game, you might be watching history unfold and records set. It might be a while before another Margaret Court sets foot on a hard court, but the current crop of players are worth watching.

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