What Makes a Great Boss?

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bossAccording to research, a low salary is not the main reason behind most people quitting their job. A bad boss or manager is the number one reason employees leave and seek employment elsewhere. A bad boss creates an unfavourable environment that lowers employee morale and leads to poor performance.

A great boss empowers employees, has a solid grip on things, and paves the way for pleasurable working experience. Here are five qualities that define a great leader:

Encourages Employee Growth

Great bosses inspire employees to build skills for personal and professional growth. They encourage staff members to try new approaches that improve work quality and efficiency. They also hold employees to high standards of performance and make sure they deliver outstanding work. More importantly, they ensure that employees view business from the customer’s point of view to provide quality service.

Values Teamwork

Great bosses know and understand the value of teamwork in any project. They create rewards and incentives aligned with the achievement of this particular goal. This creates a supportive and driven environment where team members can together harmoniously to deliver great service.

Recognises Efforts

Great bosses know the benefits of positive reinforcement. They never forget to appreciate and recognise the effort of employees. They talk about and celebrate achievements to motivate staff members and push them to do more of the same, if not greater.

Strives for Excellence

Great leaders set high standards for themselves. According to AITP, great leaders continue to improve themselves by putting themselves through management and leadership programs. They know that their skills can be improved by attending seminars, reading books, and self-assessments.

Inspires Growth

Effective bosses give employees reassurance in case non-fatal mistakes are made along the way. They know the importance of embracing new opportunities, trying something different, and pushing personal limits. Great bosses use mistakes as tools to do better next time.

Great leaders are actively involved in developing their people to be the best that they can be. They set the right pace and tone to unleash hidden talents and help employees become better members of an organisation.

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