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Logo Design 101: How to Come Up with a Great Business Logo

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A logo is a visual symbol that carries the identity of a business. It is only important that it is unique and memorable, that when people see your logo, they will be instantly reminded of your company. But, how does one come up with a business logo?

For starters, it is not easy. You need to think about what image would best represent your company before you hire custom label printing specialists. You also need to come up with an image that is unique and easy to remember. Here is a guide to help you out.


The first thing you should do is gather your business partners and hold a brainstorming session. Then, discuss the mission and vision of your company. This is so you will have a clearer view of what your company is all about. That is when you start thinking of an image that would best represent your business.

Once you have started brainstorming on an image, do not hold back and just let your imagination run wild. Do not worry if some of your ideas seem silly. What may seem silly to you may be ingenious to others, so do not hold back.

Also, collaborate with your business partners. You can also ask your friends and family members to help you brainstorm. When you discuss ideas with other people, they might be able to come up with an innovative design. Your collaboration with other people might also spark the creative side of you.



You also have to incorporate into your logo the kind of brand you are trying to build. So, when you are thinking of your logo, try to figure out how you want people to view your brand. By doing that, you can come up with an idea on how to craft your business logo.

If you think that your brand is sophisticated, then the design of your logo should exude that image. For example, your company sells top-of-the-line laptops with high-performance software and high-quality anti-virus programs. If you are going to come up with a logo for that, you should think of a solid colour for the background of your logo and limit the colours of your font to two. Also, try not to be too flashy with the font type.

If you have seen the logos of tech companies like Dell, Apple, Microsoft, and Compaq, you will notice that their designs are minimalistic. Most of them only have one colour for their font and their backgrounds are often white or black.

Minimalist-looking logos exude sophistication because the companies with those kinds of logos do not need to be flashy. They are telling you that once you check out their products, that is where you will be totally impressed. They do not need to impress you with their logos.

So, that is how you should think about creating your logo. Once you have finalized what your brand is all about, it will be easier to craft a logo that would best represent your company.

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