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Live Simpler, Live Happier: What You Need to Live a Simple and Happy Life

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Happiness eludes a lot of people for the reason that they are focused on the wrong things. Sometimes, it just takes a certain change in the way we look at simple things that can unlock happiness.

12 Things You Can Live by If You Want a Happier and Simpler Life


  1. Declutter and downsize.

To start with, one of the first things you can do to having a simpler lifestyle is to declutter and downsize. We tend to accumulate too much stuff over the years. Most of these we haven’t really used for quite some time or don’t need it at all. Go over your belongings and get rid of the things that you don’t really need. This way, you end up with less clutter and less to worry about.

  1. Consume everything in moderation.

Everything is permissible but not all things are beneficial, especially if consumed in excess. One of the secrets to living healthier and happier is consuming things in moderation. Whether it be food, beverages, media, and other similar consumable things, maintaining a balance is key to a satisfactory life.

  1. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

There are just too many stressors around, especially today. Even without the global health crisis caused by COVID-19, you still have a lot of things that can cause anxiety and depression. We should learn to pick our battles and not stress over every little thing that comes our way. Work only with what you can control.

  1. Family is always first.

They may be imperfect and may sometimes be the cause of our stress but your family should always take the top spot in your life. Think about it, everything else in this world is replaceable, including your job or business. But family will always be one of your very few constants in life. Build good relationships with them because they are the ones that will be with you through thick and thin.

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  1. Live in the present.

One of the things that make us miserable is worrying. And a lot of these worries are brought about by stressing too much over what the future holds. This takes you away from truly experiencing the joys of the here and now. Maybe you’re afraid of being bankrupt or perhaps you’re worried about how a loved one will do under home care service. Preparing for the future is great but if you don’t have the ability to enjoy the present, what makes you think you will enjoy your future when you get there?

  1. Be encouraging.

Lately, the world has become such a toxic place, especially in social media. You’ll see a lot of disagreements, callouts, and toxicity in posts and in the comments section. It has also spilled over to real-life interactions. Stand out from the rest and be a source of encouragement and praise instead. It not only makes the recipient feel great about themselves but you also end up feeling awesome.

  1. Be passionate about at least one thing.

Get involved in something that you’re really passionate about. Most people find this in their hobbies, while others are blessed to have found it at work. If you haven’t figured out what you’re passionate about, it’s never too late for you. Once you find it, embrace it. It will surely change your life.

  1. Be around encouraging and supportive people.

They say that like begets like. If you want to be happier, be in the company of those who are happy and content in life. Look for people who will encourage and help you on your journey to happiness.

  1. Let go of perfectionism.

Another thing that causes so much distress and misery in the world today is perfectionism. It is a toxic trait that can be overbearing. Rid yourself of this characteristic by recognizing that you have no control over all things. At best, you can only do your best over things that you have control of.

  1. Stop complaining and start being grateful.

People live sad lives because they’re fixated on things they don’t have. Whether it’s a lack or a loss, people just can’t seem to be satisfied. They tend to forget that they have plenty of other reasons to be grateful. Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, fix your eyes and be thankful for what you have.

  1. Don’t compare yourself with others.

One of the things that bring people down is when they keep comparing themselves to other people. Competitiveness is okay but it should not consume you nor dictate your behavior. Mind and run your own race. At the end of the day, you are only competing with yourself so make every day an opportunity to be a better you and not to be better than the others.

  1. Learn to forgive.

Unforgiveness and bitterness are dangerous. It eats people up and consumes them which makes them miserable. When you learn to forgive and let bitterness and resentment go, you’re actually doing yourself a favor and not the one who has offended you.

The quality of your life will depend on how you live it. At the end of the day, happiness is just a by-product of a life well-lived.

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