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Lessening the Checkout Struggle: Improving eCommerce Designs

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E-Commerce Web DesignSometimes, eCommerce websites can get too artsy for their (and their customers’) lives. Brands can go overboard with flash animations or colour schemes that send wrong signals to shoppers.

There are cases of designers overlooking usability issues. Despite the attraction to creative elements, for online shoppers, it’s a disaster. No one enjoys a struggle as they click their way to the checkout. To put things in perspective, testing achieves the best results.

If you want to turn more visitors into consumers, here are simple design techniques to follow:

Is Your Shopping Cart Visible?

When a customer adds products to their cart, they expect their items to be registered. It’s a user’s nightmare to lose their items.

Perth Web Design says designers who specialise in eCommerce sites should give customers a better experience with a visible shopping cart. It should be on the page at all times during the process. Stores should have area listings of the number of items users purchase and other relevant checkout information.

Make your shopping cart pop. Contrasting colours from your colour palette is a good way to catch a customer’s eye.

Optimising Add Cart Buttons

Site visitors react differently to buttons and site wording. For example, if your add-to-cart button says ‘learn more’ or ‘more details’, customers might not respond positively. Some users are not big fans of indirect calls to action.

The colouring is an important design element. Depending on your business type, certain shades trigger different behaviours from visitors.

A Personal Shopping Experience

Every customer is unique, and so are their preferences. Provide tools that allow users to customise their browsing within the store, which improves the shopping experience and the chance of more conversions. Also, include easy sorting of products, bestsellers, reviews and release dates.

Every second spent by visitors on your site is precious. Don’t take them for granted. By applying these design techniques, you guarantee a better user experience that keeps them coming back for more.

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