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Ladder vs. Platform: Which Works Better in an Orchard?

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An apple being harvestedFruit picking remains to be a booming business in Australia, but it’s not for the faint of heart. Pickers spend hours under the heat of the sun, as they cover large tracts of land. There’s almost no holiday during the season. The good thing is there are different types of farm equipment that can make the job easier. These are platforms and ladders.

The Advantages of Platforms

Platforms are driving machines that have a flat surface on top. A.I.M. Sales currently offers different models of them, so you can ask for advice on what to choose. One of the benefits of using the platform is stability. After all, both feet are on the floor. Moreover, they’re essential when you’re picking fruits by batches. In fact, you can bring the pallet bins with you.

Depending on the platform vehicle, it can navigate difficult terrains. These include uneven or rocky grounds, which are a challenge when using a ladder. The height of the platforms is adjustable and is, therefore, ideal for fruit picking in tall trees.

The Advantages of a Ladder

The ladder may be beneficial when dealing with low fruit-bearing trees. Furthermore, you can position yourself as close as possible to the tree. This is ideal since some fruits may be a lot harder to reach.

There are also different kinds of ladders to choose from. For instance, if you’re picking a citrus fruit, you may benefit from a bow ladder. As its name suggests, it looks like a curved ladder. It allows you to get closer to the tree without damaging the protruding branches and leaves. If you want better stability, you can opt for a tripod ladder. Ladders are also easy to store, and you can use them even when there’s limited space available.

Most farms use both depending on the circumstances, but if you don’t have the funds yet, then settle for what you most need first. Either way, owners and pickers need to invest in quality ladders and platforms for safety.


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