Man with alzheimer’s

Keeping Memories Alive: Delaying Alzheimer’s Onset

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man with alzheimer’sYour best memories with your grandparents are probably the ones when you were little. More often than not, you are the only one who remembers them.

As you age, so do your grandparents. Of course, this comes with the decline of their health along with their ability to remember. Some of the common memory-related conditions can be delayed or treated for its slowing down.

So when your beloved old folks have trouble remembering one of your most treasured shared memories, take these actions into mind.

Reliable Retirement Homes

Most American families face the trouble of tending to the needs of their elderly relatives while they rush off to work. It’s even harder when your loved one is suffering from a memory loss that requires special care and attention—one you can’t give because of work.

In that case, you can get in touch with retirement homes that provide quality Memory Care services, like Legacy Retirement Communities, to put your mind at ease.

Constant Contact

Skipping Sunday lunch or dinner is very easy to do. But really, a few hours or minutes after work or school can already do so much for your grandparents who struggle to remember the names of all their grandchildren.
Having regular visits to your ancestral home or just spending a few minutes with them on certain times of the day or week can help strengthen their memory even for a bit longer. Share stories, both old and new to help with memory retention.

Regular Trips

An active lifestyle is ideal for your grandparent’s health to improve. Keeping them on their toes both mentally and physically, you give them the chance to exercise their brains and brawns.

A great way to achieve this lifestyle is by bringing them to new places where they have to move around a lot and learn at the same time.

Remember these when they forget. It can be especially hard going through this alone, but if you hold on to the good memories then you are left to create more—even more beautiful ones than the last memory you made together.

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