Bursting frozen pipe

Keep Your Pipes Safe and Secure with These Tips

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Bursting frozen pipeThere are many things to prepare for during the winter and one of those is keeping your pipes safe and secure. The cold weather can take a toll on your pipes and can even make them burst at one point. This will make your repair bills high, which is why you should always give enough attention to your pipes.

Home maintenance experts explain that other than using bespoke pipe cleaning brushes, you can try the following recommendations to secure your pipes during winter:

Keep Your House Warm

Always keep the heat on to make sure your pipes will stay dry and warm. The freezing weather can make all the dirt on your pipes solidify and get stuck, which could eventually make the pipes burst. You do not need to leave it as high as you normally do, but be sure to keep it above 50 degrees Fahrenheit to at least keep the inside of the pipes warm.

Leave the Doors Inside Open

Consider leaving the interior doors open even when you go away. This is to keep the heat spread all throughout the house, including the pipes. These pipes are usually located inside a cabinet, which means it will be good for you to open the door and keep them warm.

Get Some Heating Tape

Buy some electrical heating tape and apply it directly to your pipe. Wrap the whole pipe with it to prevent it (and what is inside) from freezing. Two types of heating tape can be bought: one turns on and off by itself when heat is much needed, while the other can be plugged when you need it and unplugged when it is not.

These products can be dangerous though, which is why you should always follow what is written in the fine print to prevent any accident.

You should always do your research and ask your plumber for some expert ideas and advice. This will keep your insulation in good shape and will prevent you from getting frozen pipes.

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