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Just Certified? 3 Things You Can Do with Your PT Certification

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Certified PTYou can never make a trip to the gym without hearing the words “personal trainer”. In fact, from fitness magazines to the doctor’s office, people speak highly of a skilled personal trainer’s ability to help people get in shape, stay fit, and improve their lives.

If you are among the many hooked on health and fitness and want to become a highly regarded professional trainer as well, now is the perfect time to turn your passion into a career. Beyond the low stress, the high salary, and the comfort of wearing workout clothes every day, here are some of the things you can do with personal trainer certification:

Continue Education

Those who have obtained a certification can pursue higher education. For instance, fitnessU’s Functional Ageing and Exercise CEC Course is ideal for Certificate III or IV qualified trainers who want to perform assessments and create exercise programs for older clients.

You can also learn courses related to nutrition for pre-conception and pregnancy, or even exercise and nutrition for those with Type II Diabetes. Knowledge in these two specific disciplines can get you hired in no time, plus you get an added bonus of a higher salary range.

Set Up a Business

When you become a certified personal trainer, you can run a business in the fitness field. Building a business and building your own clientele might seem difficult, but there are courses that can give you a world of knowledge and tools in your venture.

Find a Good Gym

Working as a personal trainer at a gym can start once you receive official notification from the certifying agency that you have met all the requirements.

From family-owned personal gyms to giant chain fitness centres, the fitness industry is continuously expanding, which means many gyms and fitness centres are hiring certified trainers from all backgrounds. So, even if you have only recently been certified, there are so many opportunities waiting for you.

These opportunities make becoming a certified trainer a rewarding and a fulfilling path. Maximise that path by pursuing a higher education, finding a better gym, or maybe setting up a business.

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