Teacher Teaching a Class of Preschool Children

It’s Their Big Day: Preparing Your Kid for Preschool

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Teacher Teaching a Class of Preschool ChildrenPreschool is one of the most exciting phases of your life. The same goes to your child. On your end, it’s that time when you have to get your camera and take a picture of your child wearing their uniform and first-day glee. For your child, it’s that day when they have to explore the unknown, which can be either exciting or stressful for them.

While kids may feel excited on their first day at school, you can’t take away the fact that they will get stressed. And it’s your goal to minimize it. So before you send your kid to a preschool in Kearns, Smart Kids Development Center shares some things you need to keep in mind.

Set their expectations

It’s important that you let your kids know what to expect once they step into their classroom. Doing this will allow them to manage their stress. Normally, kids get stressed when encountering people and things for the first time. And when kids get stressed, they will feel scared and uncomfortable. A few days before their first day, you may want to take them to the school, give them a tour, or introduce them to their teachers.

Prepare their goodies

Make sure that your kids’ essentials are in place. Give them a backpack that suits their height and stature. It should be ergonomically smart. It should contain all the supplies they need — from notebooks to pens. You should also make sure that you give them a lunch box that contains all they need — from snacks to lunch.

Say goodbye properly

When you drop your kids off, you need to say good-bye properly. This ritual gives them an assurance that things will go just fine. Before you go, give them a kiss or a hug. Say some words of encouragement — these will go a long way.

These are only some of the things you need to keep in mind when preparing your kids for their first day at preschool. You can find words of wisdom and advice in a parenting magazine or get them from a reliable guidance counselor.

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