Is It THAT Essential? Using Water Filters for Your Restaurant Equipment

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Blue Water FilterAmong your restaurant equipment, a filter system is a vital feature, particularly with your water tank. As the owner, you might wonder why you need water processing equipment every time you buy steam equipment, commercial ice machine or coffee brewing equipment. Ashton Tucker Water Treatment shares more facts to convince you:

Filtered Water, Risk-Free Business

When running a business, you have to prioritize your customers’ needs, which mean getting them a water filter. You don’t want to end up facing a lawsuit if they get sick from unfiltered water served in your restaurant. Filters don’t only guarantee that you have great tasting and sanitary ice and water, but these also expand the lifespan of your equipment.  

The Filtering Process

The purification systems stop contaminants, including sediment, cysts, mineral deposits and scale to enter your water line and equipment. This also helps in preventing chlorine taste and odor in your beverages and ice. By obstructing these substances, you assist with water sanitation and ensure that your equipment runs smoothly at the same time.

Machines that face mineral buildup breaks down sooner and operates less efficiently, which means that you have to invest more money in repair and replacement. Not only that, you are risking your warranty by using poor quality water as the manufacturer will void it once they find out. It would be wise to spend a few hundred dollars on a filter system compared to several thousand dollars in mishaps from not using one. Make the right decision now, and you will surely thank yourself in the future.

If you want to see the outcome for yourself, try a little experiment. Take a coffee urn in your office that doesn’t use a water filter. You will most likely find a massive gunk accumulated for a year in the filterless coffee urn. Expect a buildup that is so thick, you can easily scoop it. Prevent such mess from occurring by setting up a water filter before using any of your equipment. 

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