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Installing a Basic Aftermarket Car Stereo: A Simple Guide for Car Owners

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Almost all cars come with a factory radio built in. But, some lack many features, especially in terms of sound quality. Most of them don’t have XM tuners, iPod user interface, and CD changers. So, people prefer to remove them and upgrade to an aftermarket car stereo.

car audio speakers

There are many options to buy a new one. You can check out both online andphysical stores. This will help you compare the prices to get the best sound quality features before making your final decision.

Installing a New Radio

After buying a new upgraded and upgraded radio, check if you need extra mounting plates or brackets and a wiring adapter. Make sure you have all the tools necessary for uninstalling the old factory radio and fixing the new one into your car.

According to Car Audio One, the leading car audio installation provider in San Diego, procedure includes the following steps:

• Go through your car guide and correctly remove the dashboard of your car.

• Disconnect the ground cable from your car battery. This is the black terminal and is the negative. Never work on any electronic part of the car without disconnecting this.

• Using the right tools, gently release the old factory radio and remove it. This process will vary depending on the model and make of the car. Remove all screws, plugs, and snap clips.

• Unplug the factory wiring from the car only if necessary. Check if your warranties for the car radio will get affected if you cut this wire. You can retain it and can always connect this to the new one with a little maneuvering.

• Connect the new aftermarket harness to plug into the new radio. Follow the color codes and correctly connect the wires.
• Now, you can plug in the new aftermarket radio and test it.

Once the new radio is slipped into the dashboard area, make sure all the wires are still connected securely. Before securing the radio in place, connect the negative terminal of the car and power it up. Afterwards, you can check if all the features of the new radio are working properly.

If not, you have to disconnect the negative wire to check all the connections again. If it is functioning properly, secure it correctly to the dashboard. Then, check it again before putting back everything else in its place.

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