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Increase Window Appeal With Gorgeous Planter Boxes

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Just like your eyes, the windows of your home draw the attention of passers-by and guests. And just like how a little eye shadow and eyeliner can turn your eyes from simple sight organs to windows to your soul, gussying up your home’s windows could have a dramatic effect on its appeal.

Here are a few tips on how to use planter boxes to make your windows beautiful.

Container Gardening for Newbies

Planter boxes, or window boxes, are small containers that can act as miniature gardens. Unlike flower pots, which are only supposed to hold a single specimen, planter boxes come in sizes that can accommodate a small row of herbs and plants. Although they’re wonderful ways for people with only a balcony or a window ledge to do some gardening, you can use them even if you have a full-sized house and garden.

You can use planter boxes with drapes from a stylish curtain store to enhance the appeal of your home’s windows. To start, select planter boxes of the appropriate size. These containers come in all sorts of dimensions, so choose carefully which one fits your vision for your window. You can use multiple small containers to surround your window with colorful flowers, or you can have a single moderate-sized planter box to act as the centerpiece to your windows. Consider the size of the window you’re going to put them around. Too big or too many planters can block the light and view if your windows are small.

Once you’ve selected the planter boxes for your window, fill them up with potting mix and water-storing crystals. The potting mix is the soil from which your plants will grow and the water-storing crystals will absorb water and slowly release them, which means you won’t have to water them every day. Now that the stage is set, it’s time to choose which plants will grace your windowsill.

Combinations for Containers

plants arrangement

Colorful assortments of leaves and flowers make your windows a refreshing sight. Diverse plant choices also benefit the environment. Here are a few ideas for colorful plant combinations to start your window beautification efforts.

Pretty in Purple: Verbena, which some gardeners know as Aztec Purple Magic, has an elegant color. You can match its deep purple hue with the intense and pretty pinkish color of Cabaret Roses and let them sparkle with a background of golden licorice plants.

Soothing Pastel: Bull’s-eye Light Pink is a variety of geranium that’s a soft pastel shade. The dramatic indigo of the Riviera Blue Eyes variant of lobelia and the creamy pink of a spray of petunia can create a pastel paradise around your windows.

Roaring Red: You could incorporate bold gold and red foliage in your planter boxes by planting coleus. Its cousin, the True Red coleus, has deep maroon or burgundy leaves that will contrast with it beautifully. Complete this scarlet arrangement with Dallas Red Lantanas with its vivid crimson blooms.

These are only a few plants that can grow around your windows. If you like cooking or organic food, you can use herbs like basil or oregano instead of flowers in your planter boxes.

Windows are the eyes to your house, and you can’t go wrong with using a little help from the fields and forests to make them more beautiful.

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