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Importance of Seawalls and Breakwater in Resorts and Recreational Water Facilities

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Photo of seawall with stairsCoastal bulkheads, more commonly known as seawalls, are common structural sights in shorelines such those found in Rockport Beach in Texas. Dock builder Kinsel Docks states that like other water structures such as breakwaters, jetties, and groins, seawalls serve as an important structure that helps control beach erosion.

You may have heard some environmental concerns about these structures, particularly about its effects on the balance of the aquatic ecosystem.

However, while there may be some concerns, one cannot deny that people created these structures for several reasons that directly affect the lives of the communities living nearby.

Reduce the effects of erosion

Coastal erosion is part of the natural water cycle that normally happens in every beach and shoreline. Any presence of sand erosion endangers every man-made structure created near the shores such as building and houses as well as ports.

To prevent sand erosion, people erect seawalls to block the waves from eroding the sands. Just like seawalls, breakwater serves a vital role in the reduction of sand erosion as it greatly reduces the intensity of waves.

Breakwater structures are at least 100 meters from the offshore and serve as the first line of defense to protect the communities, ports, and anchorage.

Prevent flooding

Aside from sand erosion, the main reason why people erect seawalls and breakwaters especially in populated areas is to protect the community from flooding. Vertical seawalls are often the preferred structural designs because of its minimal space requirement.

Combined with a strategically placed breakwater, one can prevent tidal waves and extreme water levels from reaching nearby communities.

Increase in tourism activity

Hotel industries have expanded its reach towards the seas. By building seawalls that prevent sand erosion, beach resorts and hotel can be constructed near the shorelines, attracting thousands of tourists from all places who are looking for a different kind of vacation.

But you will not enjoy your vacation stay at these resorts if there are no other amenities and recreational water activities such as swimming, banana boating, and water skiing.

By building breakwaters, you cancel out the presence of strong waves, calming the waters inside any man-made water complex.

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