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How to Use Your Business Card as a Marketing Tool

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A business card is not just a card containing a company’s contact information. It represents what the business stands for, as well. There are many kinds of business cards that have been designed throughout the years of its use. But for those who have a distinctive taste, fold-out business cards are becoming more popular in terms of style and design.

Why do fold-out business cards have a big following? Here are some of the reasons you should also consider this type of card for your business.

They allow you to stand out from your competitors.

Business cards that are too plain or too simple tend to be forgotten. Having a fold-out business card gives you a style that is different from that of your competitors. Its foldable format will also provide you with more space to convey the central message of your company, which will give the receiver an idea of your business profile and goals.

It will also give you the credibility of being a businessman because there is a difference between just saying that you own a business and projecting yourself as a respectable entrepreneur.

They allow you to make an impression that lasts.

Your fold-out business card will be the embodiment and representation of your company. Its customisable format will allow you to create a personalised design and style. Its unconventional way of introducing your company will leave an impression of distinctive branding associated with you.

A good opening spiel should accompany an impressive business card. If you merely hand out cards without introducing yourself and your company, your engagement with the audience will be incomplete and ineffective. You must convey the message effectively and clearly and use the business card as a vehicle to be remembered. First impressions last, and you should always make a memorable one.

They can be a part of your marketing strategy.

business people exchanging business cardsHaving a folded business card will add value to your sales pitch. Thinking outside the box, the creativity of these business cards will invoke a sense of curiosity and memory retention to the receivers. Soon, your unique business cards will be part of the overall package you present when meeting clients, business partners and potential investors for the first time.

You can design your cards to be as edgy, formal, avant-garde or colourful as you wish. It all depends on the type of business you are in and the message you want to convey. You can also create different sets of cards for your specific target markets. You can have more formal fold-out cards for business meetings, and colourful and upbeat ones to hand to clients or potential customers on the street.

What many business owners do not realise is that business cards are limitless. They have the power to introduce to your customers what your company has to offer. They also allow you to build connections with your customers. A fold-out card allows you to be innovative, creative and original while also conveying the vision, goals and capabilities of your business.

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